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audio equipment rental service

CPN Audio Visual is highly skilled at audio engineering services for events and provide the best quality rental audio equipment for any type of event be it a simple speaker or a full stage show. With a variety of microphones, speakers and audio processors we can help you deliver your message flawlessly and with punch. Let us help determine your needs, please contact us now.

Microphones: CPN has an array of different microphones for rental to suit any type of event. Microphones include: Standard handheld microphone, lavalier, gooseneck podium mic, condenser, pzm. For a specific microphone just ask.

Audio Processing: Using state of the art audio processing techniques we enhance audience experience of your presentation. We can also facilitate all types of input devices including ipods, cd players, dvds and computers or send you any kind of output necessary for playback and/or recording. We also have the ability to Instant Replay any audio that goes through out system (ask for details about Instant Replay).

Audio Recording: Analog and Digital recording devices on most media formats are available for archive, transcription, broadcast or duplication purposes, just to name a few.

Speakers: We have professional speaker systems for rental suitable to fill any size event.