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microphone rental services

CPN Audio Visual has an extensive collection of microphones for every rental occasion or type of voice. You can't go wrong with lavaliers for total mobility and a more discreet look. Of course we always carry the standard Shure SM58 style wireless microphone and offer gooseneck microphones mounted to every podium. All of our microphones are in pristine condition. Let us help determine your needs, please contact us now.

Lavaliers: are the most common microphone of choice for public speaking. Lavaliers are wireless microphones and clip-on to your clothing offering greater mobility.

Wireless Microphones: are always on demand for the convenience of being able to roam with a wireless microphone or to pass a handheld mic around for guest speakers or audience participation. Our wireless mics offer clear reliable performance at distances of 500-1000ft. We also have discreet headworn microphones.

Hardwired Mics: are a reliable budget conscious choice with quality results. Commonly we provide a podium mounted gooseneck microphone and table mics for panelists and advisory board settings.

Condenser Microphones: are clean, clear and crisp sounding microphones commonly used for Choir, Musical Instruments, or any Live field recording setting when extra sensitivity for rich clear sound is needed. We often use AKG microphones but if you have a special request just ask!

PZM's or Boundary Microphones: are a smaller condenser microphones that will pick up all the full room sound. PZM microphones are ideal for teleconference or meeting room applications.