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Audio Processing

audio processing services

CPN Audio Visual has expert Audio Technicians at every event to ensure smooth transition and great sound. Using the best audio gear and delivering great service we can accommodate any audio request (within reason). We also have qualified Soundweb™ technicians ready to assist with your SDF design files (ask for details). Let us help determine your needs, please contact us now.

Audio Mixers: combine many audio signals, such as microphones, musical instruments, video and computer sound for final output through the speaker system and also to audio recording devices.

Equalizers: are additional tools we use to eliminate noise problems, feedback and help with language recognition. Order an equalizer to increase the dynamic range and overall volume of the sound system and reach the attendees at the back of the room with any sound source.

Input/Output: CD, DVD, Computer, ipod, and more are all compatible input devices! Our Technicians have some good suggestions for walk in music or something right for your occasion!

Advanced Audio Processing: we use the most advanced DSP (digital sound processing) systems to give your event impressive, seamless, cutting edge sound. Follow the links for more information about some of the most advanced sound processing available.