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Yamaha Speakers Rental

CPN Audio Visual has and extensive collection of audio speakers for rental in a variety of sizes and styles that can fill any size room, for any size audience, and make any type of audio sound clear and powerful. We will ensure your event will be heard loud and clear from every part of the event space. Stage monitors are also available for your performers. Let us help determine your needs, please contact us now.

We use Yamaha, QSC and various other speakers depending on the size of event and type of audio needing to be produced.

Loudspeaker: usually employ several speaker drivers to adequately reproduce a wide range of frequencies at higher output levels.

Stage Monitor: are speakers on stage just for the performers to hear themselves. We have discreet but powerful stage monitor speakers to help your performer keep on track. We also offer confidence video monitors.

Woofers: are a type of speaker driver designed to produce low frequency sounds. Our woofers will make your sound full and powerful.

Tweeters: compliment woofers by producing higher frequencies. All of our loudspeakers come with both woofers and tweeters for clear, full, loud sound that you can hear from any part of the room.