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event lighting

Stage/Podium Cross lighting: Be seen! These lights are usually used in pairs to prevent shadows and ensure adequate illumination from different angles of view from the audience. These "ellipsoidal" lights are also used for GOBO applications, call for details on having a custom GOBO prepared with your logo. We now also have battery powered wireless lights for even more creative positioning. Let us help determine your needs, please contact us now.

Up lights & Scenic Lighting: Add the pizzazz to every event with dramatic up lighting. Choose a color filter gel to match your overall theme or product line. Direct focus towards the stage with pleasantly attractive results, especially when viewed upon our velour drape backdrop.

Area Wash Lighting: When general overall illumination is required, whether it be the outdoor cocktail reception, silent auction tables or registration area. These lights will do the job!

LED Lights: The next generation of lighting, CPN has LED lights to brilliantly and dynamically illuminate large scale facades and structures.

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