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Stanchions & Safety

safety stanchion rental

CPN Audio Visual provides stanchions for events or for daily use, delivered and installed where you need them. Discounts apply for weekly or monthly use at your facility. All of our stanchions are in good condition with a formal black appearance as seen in the photo to the right.

Stanchions: With over 250 stanchions in our inventory we can handle serious crowd control. We use premium formal Tensabarrier® stanchions available in 7ft retractable lengths.

Safety: CPN always incorporates the necessary items required for event safety in the audio visual environment. Cable ramps, safety cables, spike tape, saddle sandbags, stanchions, and stage ramps are just a few of the items that we will use to keep your event safe.



Tensabarrier stanchion rental safety cable ramps safety saddlebags