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Video Processing

video processing service

CPN Audio Visual can provide video processing including switchers, distribution amplifiers (for routing and blending of video signals), scan conversion and color processing. When you are putting on a show with live video feeds we will be there to help you take care of all the editing and give your audience a seamless fluid viewing and listening experience. Our video processing equipment is top of the line and quality checked before every show to ensure flawless performance and playback. Let us help determine your needs, please contact us now.

Switchers: are similar to audio mixing boards. They are used to select different video sources or mix video together and can add some special effects.

Distribution Amplifiers: are another important part of the signal flow for video engineering. They allow video to be split and distributed to multiple destinations such as the projection screens the audience sees, monitors on stage, recording devices, or broadcasts for TV or web.

Scan Conversion: provides the necessary conversion of various video formats to different output formats. The most common conversion is aspect ratio.

Color Processing: may be necessary for correction due to poor lighting conditions or other uncontrollable variables or for special effects.

Webcasting: Need to broadcast your event over the web LIVE! We can do it for you or provide you with the signal to do it yourself (ask for details).

Power Point Technicians: We have years of experience with power point should you need assistance before or during your event.